Nowhere North is a retreat from everything, two hours north of the city.

Imagine camping on the side of a mountain in the Catskills, except you are encased in high-efficiency insulated walls, Low-Energy windows and sliding glass doors, and sleeping on a comfortable bed. If it's cold outside (with the stove it's always warm inside) spend the morning lounging around drinking coffee. If it's warm, leave the double doors open, listen to the waterfall and lounge around the patio...

This is glorified camping, and complete communion with nature in two converted shipping container cabins. One is a cozy 20-footer. The other is a relatively roomy 40-footer. For adventurous souls, the cabins inspire creativity and really good times. Sit around the campfire, walk to a 30-foot waterfall, hike in the Catskills, drive 15 minutes to Woodstock, Kingston, Saugerties or Catskill or stroll along the Hudson River. The cabins are in the middle of everything and nowhere at the same time.

The 20-Footer

The kettle in the 20-foot cabin is Le Creuset. The two-burner propane stove is Coleman. There is no refrigerator; there is a cooler for your ice and perishables. There are enough pots/pans/basics to cook whatever you want. (Yes, we have a coffee grinder.) There is a grill for the fire, and we often cook there. The wood stove is Swedish and stays warm all night in the winter, if you know how to build a fire. If you don't, you'll be up at 4am lighting it again. (We leave you Fatwood firestarter.) In the summer, a mountain breeze keeps the container cool, and the sound of the waterfall will put you to sleep.

Staying in the cabin is an experience, not a simple overnight. There is something very special about it and this property. On a 20-degree night in the middle of a blizzard, it is 80 degrees and silent inside. Our firsts guests got engaged here. Our second guest chopped his bundle of wood into 1,000 toothpick-sized pieces thinking that the fire would burn longer and hotter that way. It does not, and he was cold. And he left a glowing review of what he said was one of his best weekends away ever.

There is a 30-foot waterfall 100 yards north of the cabin. There are two streams and a little falls 300 yards in the opposite direction, to the south. FYI - This place was built for 2. Or two and a child.

The 40-Footer

The brand new 40 footer is similar to the 20. It's about 300 yards away and isolated from the other cabin. (The cabins sit on 20 acres.) The 40-footer looks out over a stream and a smaller waterfall. The same amenities apply: gravity feed water, camp stove, wood stove, wood-fired hot tub. The 40-footer also has a complete solar array with outlets. So you can switch on a light, charge your phone and use outlets like you would in a house. There is a bedroom with a queen bed and a door that closes. There is an indoor (off-grid) bathroom with a compost toilet and a door that closes. The kitchen and living room are set together with a queen sleeper couch. Overall, it’s twice the size of the 20 and sleeps four.